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Hardwood flooring for your home

Hardwood flooring can add so much to a home in terms of beauty and in value. Hardwood floors add character to a room in a way that nothing else can. It can also give a room a warm, traditional feel or it can give it a modern/clean look with the variety of colors and finishes available.

When purchasing a new home, hardwood floors are usually on all home buyer's list - adding value and making the home much more appealing to potential buyers. Hardwood flooring will stand the test of time with it's durability.

Maintenance of hardwood flooring is pretty easy to care for. A quick daily sweep and wiping up spills as soon as they happen, these floors can stay looking brand new for years to come.

For those who are sensitive to dust, pet dander and other air-borne allergens, hardwood floors are highly recommended. They do not allow these particles to become trapped so you can breathe easy with simple, daily sweepings to get rid of dust and dander that builds up during the day.

Visit our Downtown Hartford Showroom to see hundreds of hardwood flooring options. The choices are endless and we have the selection. See why we say we have a larger selection then the big box stores. Come experience the difference having a flooring professional work with you to find the perf

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